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Tempe Weights Changes To Medical Marijuana Rules

Tempe Weights Changes To Medical Marijuana Rules

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It might be much easier to purchase your medical marijuana in Tempe pretty soon. Via AZCentral

Eighteen-year-olds could soon be allowed in Tempe medical-marijuana dispensaries, and stores may be allowed to lengthen their hours.

The changes would be part of a series of tweaks the city could make to its medical-marijuana rules.

Dispensary operator Steve White is asking the city for some of the changes. He believes the current rules hurt his customers.

For one, Tempe is the only city in the Valley that requires dispensaries to close at 6 p.m. 

‘We are the only place where some people can go get a very specific type of product,’ White said. ‘Some of (our customers) work in outlying areas of the Valley, and it’s very challenging for them to make it to the dispensary by six o’clock. We often hear stories about people racing to the dispensary to try to get there in time.’

White is asking the city to extend the closing time to 10 p.m.

In addition, White wants Tempe to align itself with other cities and lower the age limit to customers 18 and older. Currently, Tempe is the only city in the state to limit dispensary visitors to adults 21 and older.” [Continue Reading]

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