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Legal Marijuana

Here’s The ‘Big Money’ Fighting Legal Cannabis (Video)

Great video exposing the groups that have a lot to lose from cannabis legalization.

New Arizona Bill Would Allow Lawmakers To Overturn Legal Marijuana If It Passes This November


A.E. Araiza / Arizona Daily Star 2014

Arizona lawmakers are trying to take power away from the voters with the proposed ‘voter underminer bill‘, HCR 2043. A house panel voted on it just this past Monday.

As it currently stands, once an initiative has been adopted by voters, lawmakers are only able to alter it if it ‘furthers the purpose’ of the original measure and in order for lawmakers to do this they need 3/4ths vote in both the House and Senate. Why? Because in 1996 AZ lawmakers overturned a voter approved medical marijuana initiative, and we didn’t like that so in ’98 we voted to remove their power to do so with the Voter Protection Act.

So now if voters approve HCR 2043, the Voter Protection Act of ’98 will be repealed. If that happens then the legislature would be able to overturn any voter approved initiative so long as they receive the same margin of votes in the House and Senate.

So for example, if voters move to legalize recreational marijuana this year, lets say by 53 percent, lawmakers could vote to overturn the new law so long as 53 percent of the House and Senate agree. Of course, this bill would only allow the legislature to overturn new initiatives, they can’t touch any initiative approved by voters in the past. This is still bad news for Arizona voters who elect these officials to work for us, not against us.

For more reading on this issue, see this article on Arizona Daily Star.



Teen Marijuana Usage Has Not Increased In States Where Pot Is Legal: Study

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

This should come as no surprise really. Growing up in a state where marijuana was illegal, we all knew it was easier for high school kids to get marijuana than alcohol. It was because marijuana was illegal and nobody was carding when it’s sold on the black market. So it makes sense that use among teens would not increase in states where pot has been legalized.

It seems kids are also naturally drawn to that which is taboo and that which society has deemed ‘bad’. If you legalize it and make it less taboo, kids should naturally be less drawn to it.


New research has cast serious doubts on the argument that legalization of medical marijuana would lead to more widespread use among teenagers.

The study, which was published Tuesday by Columbia University researchers in the The Lancet Psychiatry, examined marijuana use among more than a million teenagers over 24 years.

The researchers found no discernible impact in the 21 states that had legalized the drug for medical use. “The risk of marijuana use in states before passing medical marijuana laws did not differ significantly from the risk after medical marijuana laws were passed,” the co-authors wrote” [Continue Reading]

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