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Legal Cannabis

Here’s The ‘Big Money’ Fighting Legal Cannabis (Video)

Great video exposing the groups that have a lot to lose from cannabis legalization.

Arizona Medical Marijuana Patients Can Now Buy Cannabis Legally In Las Vegas & Reno

Ray Stern

Ray Stern

Now we just need to get California dispensaries to recognize and honor our mmj cards.

Via Phoenix New Times:

Arizona’s medical-marijuana patients now can patronize newly opened dispensaries in Reno and Las Vegas and possess up to 2.5 ounces anywhere in Nevada.

Arizona, like some of the other 23 states with medical-marijuana laws, allows people with valid medical cards from other states to legally possess marijuana in Arizona, but they can’t legally buy it at Arizona dispensaries.

Nevada apparently is the only state that allows its dispensaries to sell to patients from other states. And now its dispensaries have begun to open, greatly expanding where Arizona’s 80,000 patients can legally buy cannabis.

Two Reno-area dispensaries got started in July. Las Vegas saw its first dispensary — Euphoria Wellness — open a couple of weeks ago. More dispensaries in Vegas and elsewhere in Nevada are expected to pop up in the coming months; the state has processed more than 60 dispensary applications….” [Continue Reading]

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