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How To Handle Traffic Stops By Law Enforcement

How To Handle Traffic Stops By Law Enforcement

(Disclaimer: This article is to serve as information only, not legal advice.)

As an Arizona medical marijuana patient, you have the legal right to possess  up to 2 ounces in the state of Arizona. With that said, you always want to know your rights when you get pulled over because police can still try and charge you with a DUI even if you didn’t medicate that day.

Who better than ex-state trooper Barry Cooper to teach you how to stay safe when you get pulled over by law enforcement:

It is now illegal for police to force you to wait for a canine unit during a traffic stop. Top commenter on the Reddit thread makes a good point however:

All legal protections like this only apply to your court case after the fact. You can tell this to a cop, but it does nothing to prevent them from beating your ass and searching your vehicle anyways. You will be arrested, you will be processed, you will spend some days in holding.

Then when you make bond, and get to trial a month later, this can be used as a valid defense and your charges will likely be dropped, but don’t believe that you can quote a docket number of a supreme court ruling to a cop and be let go, it does not work like that, because they often have less legal knowledge than you do.”

(Photo: Millville K-9 officer Michael Calchi with his new K-9 dog “Treu”. Jan. 19, 2012. Staff photo/Craig Matthews / CRAIG MATTHEWS)

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