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Arizona Medical Marijuana and PTSD














In 2014, the Director of the Arizona Department of Health Services authorized the use of marijuana for those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Here is the Directors quote where explains the procedure for obtaining a medical marijuana card for PTSD.

Therefore, today I issued a Director’s Decision that will authorize the use of marijuana (under AMMA) for patients that are currently undergoing conventional treatment for a diagnosis of PTSD. Physician certifications would be valid only for palliative care of PTSD symptoms (not treatment). Certifying physicians will be required to attest that they have reviewed evidence documenting that the patient is currently undergoing conventional treatment for PTSD before signing the medical marijuana certification.

The implementation date of this decision will be January 1, 2015. This allows a few months for certifying physicians, dispensary medical directors, and dispensary agents to develop policies and procedures and educational materials required by our Rules.”

Basically to qualify you would need medical records that show your current diagnosis of PTSD and a record that you are currently undergoing conventional treatment. Conventional treatment is required because Medical Marijuana is only being seen as palliative care. If you have further questions, just call any of our office. We are happy to answer any concerns you may have.

Link to AZDHS Director Blog

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Marijuana Legalized in AZ by Summer?













House Bill 2007 was introduced by Mark Cardenas earlier this week. The bill will essentially legalize recreational marijuana in the state of Arizona for all those aged 21 and older. This is not the first bill introduced to legalize marijuana for recreational use in Arizona, earlier in 2014 a bill was introduced by former Arizona Representative Ruben Gallego, but it was never assigned to an actual committee for review.

Under the bill, Arizona residents 21 and older could possess up to an ounce and even grow up to five plants on their own. The bill is based on the measure that Colorado approved and successfully implemented years ago. The legislator who introduced the bill has strong arguments for legalization, as it has the ability, through tax revenue, to cut the state’s upcoming budget shortfall in half. The bill also has the possibility of saving the state millions by not charging and locking up marijuana users. It is unlikely the bill will actually pass through Arizona’s highly conservative legislature. This bill will serve however as a launching point for the proponents of marijuana in Arizona. Local and National advocates have targeted Arizona for legalization by voter measure in 2016.


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States with Medical Marijuana have 25% less Painkiller Deaths

Arizona Court Overturns Marijuana DUI Ruling


This has been a long time coming! Yay! Via Huffington Post:

PHOENIX (AP) — Authorities can’t prosecute Arizona motorists for driving under the influence of marijuana unless the person is impaired at the time of the stop, the state Supreme Court ruled Tuesday in the latest opinion on an issue that several states have grappled with across the nation.

The ruling overturned a state Court of Appeals decision last year that upheld the right of authorities to prosecute pot smokers for DUI even when there is no evidence of impairment.

The opinion focuses on two chemical compounds in marijuana that show up in blood and urine tests — one that causes impairment and one that doesn’t but stays in a pot user’s system for weeks.

Some prosecutors had warned that anyone in Arizona who used medical marijuana simply shouldn’t drive or they would risk facing DUI charges, a contention that drew the ire of pot advocates who claimed this interpretation of the law criminalized their legal use of the drug after voters approved it in 2010…” [Continue Reading]

Could Recreational Marijuana Be Legal Soon In Arizona?

Medical Marijuana Law

Medical Marijuana Law

Medical Marijuana LawMedical marijuana law is a very thin line that is not so difficult to cross, when you talk about the legality of the drug. While illicit drug use is generally associated with substances such as marijuana , cocaine , heroin and similar drugs are connected, the main problem is the company’s substance abuse , with or even without doctor’s prescription are legally available – prescription drugs. People often times without the need to implement medication – just to relax before a stressful situation to have a better sleep on a relatively long flight, and even fall asleep at night, for several reasons.

But despite this, our company decides on the fact that the license marijuana legal means recipe that the issue of medical marijuana card to a patient, rather than focusing earned on its own negligence. We are quite comfortable with forgetting that patients simply do not want marijuana to get high, but to remove the pain and improve their lives. This is what works for each medical marijuana pharmacy. In fact, marijuana has been confirmed in various medicinal properties, and is particularly advantageous for removing severe pain with various persistent illnesses and deadly diseases such as cancer. But the federal government still does not want to legalize the plant on the country, while states like Colorado, Michigan, Nevada, and others allow medical marijuana patients to get medical marijuana be sold with the recommendation of a doctor and a medical marijuana card.

Medical marijuana is approved in many countries drug, Belgium, Australia, the Netherlands, Canada and Israel. However, the debate on marijuana only rages in the United States, where laws governing this issue are shrouded in mystery, at best, and incredibly dark. Up to this point, let the 14 U.S. states to sell marijuana for medical purposes. Even considering this, the DEA – Drug Enforcement Administration – seems no problems with flights every medical marijuana dispensary eg California, and even the personal property of patients who have been prescribed marijuana treatment to cure their diseases. Who knows where the authority of the state ends and not the beginning of the federal government? This whole situation is so dark that it is since then.

Although we cannot do without that marijuana has some intoxicating properties, the thing is it has been confirmed to have real and effective medical values ​​. Thus, it is able to do at least the federal government from the sale of marijuana in states that have medical marijuana for sale and use of medical services by licensed pharmacy. Therefore, they could not prosecute those who abuse drugs, now allows patients who really need to survive and not fear arrest or harassment.

But in a country where awareness is where people define things only in black and white do not realize that to make reasonable time these things in shades of gray, the mere mention of the word ” marijuana ” just enough for many critics . In the United States, does not stop people from drugs, skipping the reason and the fact that each patient must obtain a medical marijuana card first. You never think about the possibility of regulating the use of marijuana, so they do not fall into the wrong hands, but rather directly to a reprimand, it is never used for good reasons, and for this reason, without people who cannot imagine a day pain continue the way they are forced to live, even if they know the right way for their treatment.

Arizona Medical Marijuana Laws: Fed Crackdown

Arizona Medical Marijuana Laws: Fed Crackdown

Arizona Medical Marijuana Laws Not Withstanding…

President Obama’s 2008 campaign promise to leave medical marijuana to state and local government agencies and his vow of, “I’m not going to be using Justice Department resources to try to circumvent state laws [on medical marijuana],” was music to medical marijuana supporter’s ears. But that tune has turned sour since Obama’s renomination of Michele Leonhart, a leftover from the Bush administration, to head the DEA and has many wondering how Arizona medical marijuana laws will be effected.

Following Leonhart’s reappointment, the DEA updated it’s position, stating that marijuana does not have a medical value. As a result and in spite of Arizona and other state’s medical marijuana laws, the DEA began a crackdown that includes raids of dozens of medical marijuana dispensaries across the country.

If this is what Obama’s administration does, what would Romney have done?

Despite all of this, we can’t even imagine the federal crackdown that would have taken place on Arizona medical marijuana laws if Mitt Romney had been elected in the 2012 Presidential election. As you can see in the below video, Mitt Romney barely acknowledges a man suffering from multiple sclerosis, which is a condition recognized by Arizona medical marijuana laws. Romney blatantly disregards his plea for help in supporting medical marijuana laws that would assist him in battling the nausea brought on my medications used to treat the disease.

With the latest polls finding that the majority of Americans actually approve of medical marijuana and Colorado and Washington recently legalizing marijuana, the federal government’s medical marijuana crackdown becomes increasingly out of step with mainstream Americans and Arizona medical marijuana laws. We can only hope that the federal government will catch up with popular opinion on medical marijuana laws sooner rather than later.

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