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Halloween Themed Marijuana Billboards In Phoenix (Video)


This group did a great job on the design! If this initiative makes it to the ballot and wins, there’s a good chance recreational users will pay more for marijuana than medical marijuana patients, similar to how Colorado handles it. This of course means it’s still in your best interest to become a patient if you have a qualifying medical condition.

Via 12News:

Drivers in Phoenix may have noticed a new billboard gracing the downtown skyline.  It’s not the usual car sales and insurance billboards peppered throughout the Valley’s roadways, but a campaign advocating the legalization of marijuana in Arizona.

The sign itself is a parody of the movie “Reefer Madness” from the 1930s, and is supposed to raise awareness for a ballot initiative in next year’s election.

The group behind the initiative, the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, is seeking a position on the 2016 ballot. The billboard is designed to raise awareness that, the group says, marijuana is less addictive, less toxic, and less harmful than alcohol.

“It’s time for us to regulate and treat marijuana for exactly what it is, and that is something that’s objectively safer than alcohol,” said JP Holyoak, the chairman of the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol.

The group plans on rolling out more billboards throughout the Valley…” [Continue Reading]

Even Sheriff Arpaio Supports Medical Marijuana Now

I had to look outside my window to see if pigs were flying after watching this video.

Via Fox News 10 Phoenix:

A meeting is scheduled this Saturday for senior citizens to educate them on all things medical marijuana, and it also will feature Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio as a guest speaker. Arpaio wanted to make it clear, that even though he is speaking at a meeting about medical marijuana, he will never surrender and support legalizing recreational marijuana.

“If this is one thing that really will help them, the medical part of it, and is done legitimately, no diversion, I don’t know, what’s the difference going to the drug store and getting a prescription,” said Sheriff Arpaio…” [Continue Reading]

Arizona Medical Marijuana Patients Can Now Buy Cannabis Legally In Las Vegas & Reno

Ray Stern

Ray Stern

Now we just need to get California dispensaries to recognize and honor our mmj cards.

Via Phoenix New Times:

Arizona’s medical-marijuana patients now can patronize newly opened dispensaries in Reno and Las Vegas and possess up to 2.5 ounces anywhere in Nevada.

Arizona, like some of the other 23 states with medical-marijuana laws, allows people with valid medical cards from other states to legally possess marijuana in Arizona, but they can’t legally buy it at Arizona dispensaries.

Nevada apparently is the only state that allows its dispensaries to sell to patients from other states. And now its dispensaries have begun to open, greatly expanding where Arizona’s 80,000 patients can legally buy cannabis.

Two Reno-area dispensaries got started in July. Las Vegas saw its first dispensary — Euphoria Wellness — open a couple of weeks ago. More dispensaries in Vegas and elsewhere in Nevada are expected to pop up in the coming months; the state has processed more than 60 dispensary applications….” [Continue Reading]

Arizona Medical Marijuana Milestone Reached: 80,000 Patients & Caregivers

Ray Stern

It’s great to see so many seek and obtain medical marijuana legally here in Arizona. The program has truly been a success! Now if we can just get the state fees lowered a bit so even more patients can obtain the medicine they need!

Phoenix New Times:

Arizona has reached a marijuana-legalization milestone, with more than 80,000 people now qualified to legally possess, grow, or sell pot for medicinal purposes.

State voters passed the 2010 Medical Marijuana Act by a slim margin, resulting in about 90 dispensaries statewide and an ever-increasing number of patients, caregivers, and registered dispensary agents.

Here are the relevant stats from the Arizona Department of Health Services latest report, which includes totals as of the end of July:

Qualifying patients (adults): 78,830
Caregivers: 597
Qualifying patients (minors): 126
Caregivers (to minor patients): 126
Dispensary agents: 1,972
Total: 81,651

Click here to see the latest report from the DHS, which includes stats on qualifying conditions, demographics of patients, and other interesting information…” [Continue Reading]


Arizona Court: Marijuana Odor Is Not Sufficient Probable Cause

The winds of change continue to blow in our favor!

Via HighTimes:

Law enforcement agencies pulling shakedown maneuvers in medical marijuana states are now being forced back to the drawing board to develop an alternative to their once tried-and-true method for establishing probable cause: an officer claiming to smell weed. Several judges, including a few presiding over an Arizona court, have recently ruled that the odor of marijuana no longer gives police the right to initiate a raid.

The Arizona Court of Appeals recently delivered a verdict suggesting that with the passing of the state’s medical marijuana law, the odor of raw or burnt cannabis could no longer be used to determine probable cause. In the decision, Judge Peter Eckerstrom wrote that medical marijuana “is lawful under Arizona law,” and therefore “its scent alone does not disclose whether a crime has occurred.” 

Essentially, this means that Arizona police can no longer petition a judge for a search warrant simply because an officer claims to smell weed. Instead, the court declared that law enforcement would need to implement an “odor-plus” policy when investigating potential criminal activity associated with marijuana. Otherwise, Eckestrom wrote, the state is witting violating the constitutional rights of its people…” [Continue Reading]

Arizona Medical Marijuana Laws Prohibit Employee Discrimination 3TV | Phoenix Breaking News, Weather, Sport

If you’re worried about how becoming a medical marijuana patient in the state of Arizona will effect your employement then fear not. Like the video says, unless your job requires you to be in a safety sensitive position or you’re obviously medicated on the job, then your job can not fire you simply because your a medical marijuana patient. They could try, but not without legal repercussions.

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