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How old do you have to be to qualify for an AZ Medical Marijuana Card?

There is no age limit. There are two types of qualified patients – adults and those under the age of 18. If a patient is under 18, the patient’s custodial parent or legal guardian must be designated as the their caregiver.

How much does it cost to get my Arizona Medical Marijuana Card?

There are 2 fees associated with getting your medical marijuana card. The first is the state fee of $150 or $75 if you receive food stamps. The second fee is the clinic fee. We only charge $100, so call today!

What if I have a Medical Marijuana Card from another state?

In order to qualify for a card in Arizona, you will need to prove residency during the application process and obtain a written certificate from an Arizona physician. So long as you comply with those requirements, you can obtain a card in Arizona, regardless of if you already have a card from another state.

How long will my Arizona Medical Marijuana Card last?

Your card will expire one year after issue date. Make sure to apply for renewal at least 30 days prior to the expiration date.

Where can I buy marijuana once I have my AZ Medical Marijuana Card?

Once you have your card you can buy medical marijuana from a dispensary, your caregiver, or another qualified patient.

Can I grow marijuana once I get my card?

Make sure to indicate if you are willing and able to grow marijuana for your own use (or if you want to have a designated caregiver grow marijuana for you) on your Arizona Medical Marijuana card application. If there isn’t a dispensary within 25 miles of your home address, you’re good to grow.

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