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DEA Approves Medical Marijuana Studies In Arizona & Colorado


New Times

If you’re a veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and reside in Arizona or Colorado, you’ll soon have the chance to take part in a medical marijuana study being conducted by California-based Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS). The approval “marks the first time a clinical trial intended to develop smoked botanical marijuana into a legal prescription drug has received full approval from U.S. regulatory agencies,” according to MAPS.

Read more at Phoenix New Times.

DEA Soon To Decide Whether It Should Reschedule Marijuana

Here’s hoping they make the right decision. It’s crazy to think the government groups marijuana in with dangerous drugs like heroin and cocaine. Marijuana is not dangerous and it has proven to be a wonder drug for millions of patients suffering from many different ailments.


Marijuana Genome Mapping Could Bring Clarity To Cannabis Industry


A 43-year-old geneticist has made it his mission to sequence the DNA of every different kind of cannabis strain in the world. Once complete, he’ll be able to take any sample of cannabis DNA and compare it against a huge database of cannabis strains. This project should help the marijuana industry become more transparent than ever!

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Man Arrested For Pot DUI Has Been Acquitted

A man from Lakewood, CO, who was accused of driving under the influence of marijuana, was acquitted of all charges earlier this month even though a blood test showed he had over the legal limit of THC in his system. 7.9 nanograms per milliliter to be exact. The legal limit being only 5 nanograms per milliliter.

His lawyer argued that Marijuana is different than alcohol, and that the “standards are not one-size-fits-all”. He claimed his client was perfectly able to drive even though his THC blood levels were over the limit.

Read More about this story here!

Beekeeper Trains His Bees To Make Honey Using Cannabis Resins

foto 7_4_blog_cdn

39-year-old Frenchman, who appropriately was given the nickname “Nicholas Trainerbees”, has trained his bees to create what he calls ‘cannahoney’. It’s exactly what you think it is; honey made from resins and oils from the cannabis plant.

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He began training his bees to be attracted by the cannabis resins in 2006 since he’s been a regular medical marijuana patient since childhood and new how beneficial the plant could be to treat various medical conditions. He figured this could only be improved by having bees make honey from it. It took him several years, but finally in 2013 he was successful. The bees used the cannabis resin to create honey with the same effects as cannabis. Of course, he says you don’t smoke it, you eat it to help maintain your health.


Nicholas says the cannahoney has a floral aroma, and a color the changes depending on strain. The bees are not picky about the strains of cannabis either. Apparently, they will use the resins from any cannabis strain.

For more on this topic, see this article.

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