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With two convenient Valley locations, the Marijuana Doctor at Precision Medical Group is dedicated to serving Arizona patients seeking a physician’s medical marijuana certification. We make it easy, so contact us today!

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The doctors at Precision Medical Group do not recommend that you smoke your medical marijuana. In fact, we don’t recommend that you smoke anything. The safest way to use medical marijuana is with a vaporizer or by eating it. Check out our recipe section for some medical marijuana cooking tips!

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An Arizona Medical Marijuana Card Can Help You With Chronic Pain
Then you may have heard what your fellow sufferers are now using to relieve the symptoms: medical marijuana. Sure, you’ve heard about it on every street corner and radio commercial, but does it really work? Would you even qualify for a card?

Medicinal marijuana does work for many people – and it can work for you too. It’s fairly easy to qualify in the State of Arizona for your medical marijuana card. Permits are often issued for those who suffer from some of life’s most painful and stressful conditions. The medicinal properties of marijuana have been successfully documented for years, with thousands and thousands of people, just like you, living their lives pain-free, with the help of medical marijuana and the Great State of Arizona!

Can you imagine? Imagine not feeling the aches of getting out of bed every morning because of your condition. What would your life be like without the numerous symptoms you experience daily holding you back? Your life doesn’t have to be put on hold because of your health. Studies show that patients who are prescribed medical marijuana simply manage their conditions better – and they say they owe it all to their medical marijuana cards.

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Is medical marijuna safe?
Our Arizona medical marijuana doctors believe (along with Arizona voters) that cannabis is one of the safest treatments a doctor can prescribe. While many current medications and treatments on the market are effective, none are as natural and safe as a marijuana plant in its raw form. Medicinal marijuana is carefully cultivated from a natural plant and prepared without harmful additives, foreign chemicals, or substances that you can barely pronounce.

Doctors often worry about complicated pain dosages and whether or not treatments will cause life-threatening conflicts with medication you’re already taking. With medical marijuana, your doctor can prescribe with confidence, as medical marijuana (a.k.a. “MMJ”) causes no adverse effects when used as a pain relief treatment. You can rest easy knowing that your pain and stress will be effectively minimized without interfering with your other medications.

If you’re like most Americans suffering from any number of conditions or diseases, it’s tough to find the right treatment that will give you release from the suffering without causing harmful or negative side effects. Hundreds of thousands of people rely on pain pills daily to treat the sometimes agonizing symptoms of their disease or diagnosis. Pain pills can make you feel dizzy or sick to your stomach, sometimes even making you feel like time is slowing down or that you’re underwater. Medical marijuana can be prescribed to remedy the side effects that other drugs cause.

Is that how you want to live life – feeling underwater? Patients who use marijuana say it’s just different – they feel the pain melt away while staying awake and alert enough to enjoy their new quality of life.

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“Why Should I Choose your Clinic?”

You do need to protect yourself. If you’re living life each day with a condition causing you chronic pain, spasms, or intense stress, the last thing you need to do is worry about whether your doctor is legitimate and, of course, whether or not medical marijuana is a legitimate treatment for your condition.

Our office understands this and works hard to gain your trust. We operate two professional medical marijuana clinics in Phoenix and we welcome you and your family to come any time to learn more about how medical marijuana can benefit you. Our certified specialists and doctors are experts in qualifying patients that are ready to take the next step towards living the life they never thought was an option – a life without stress and pain.

“When my son was born with multiple sclerosis twenty years ago, we knew that it was our duty to do everything we could to make his life as painless as possible. The worst part was the spasms – I can’t describe how much it hurt our hearts to watch our child suffer like that. For years, we went from doctor to doctor, trying everything we could to prevent an attack. It wasn’t until I read online that medicinal marijuana had helped people just like him control their attacks. I went with him to see the doctor, and sure enough, he qualified. It brings tears in my eyes as I tell you this now – the medicinal marijuana actually worked. We have our son back again.” – Susan

Life is meant to be lived to the fullest. There’s no reason for you to let a chronic or debilitating condition stand in your way. Call now to schedule your consultation to find out if you’re eligible for medical marijuana. Your new, pain-free life is waiting for you.

Unfortunately, not all clinics offering medical marijuana certifications are honest or have your best interest in mind. We’ve had countless patients tell us how they went to another clinic that had cheaper rates only to see the clinic disappear almost overnight with their money.

We don’t want this to happen to you! Which is why we’re offering to match ANY lower price print or internet ad that is dated within the last 12 months and valid. Internet ad must be verifiable by smartphone.


Arizona Medical Marijuana Doctors Now Taking Appointments!See If You Qualify



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